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Lerning English by Composing an Article in English

Hello world.. that is greeting from an other blog web, when for the first time you creating your blog. Right now I will try to posting article in english because some of my visitor blog are from abroad. I am not fluent in english but I will try to compose an article in english and many people can understand what I mean in every my article here.  Live in Bali like living in another country in the world, because Bali is one of famous island in the world as a tourism destination, so there many kinds of people come from other country around the world.

Last year I have a plan to visit all of Bali place of tourism, after that I Write what a fantastic experience after I visited that place, start from Kintamani, I have finished until eight of Place of activity and nature destination of tourism like Tanah Lot, Pura Taman Ayun, Penglipuran Village, Nungnung waterfall, Lovina beach, Kuta Beach. 

Last year my father was accident  he crashed by motorcycle until his foot must amputation, because that, I do not have spare time to continued my plan to visiting all of tourism place in Bali. Right now my father condition are more better than last year, right now he has can walking however still with a helping stick and Replica foot.  I hope next time my father can be more strong with his condition right now. Oke.. start form now I will continue my plan, every two week I must visit one of tourism place in Bali, there are many kind of beautiful places in Bali like Beach, Mountain, and Historic sites. oke may be only that can I share for this moment, thank you for your attention.
Kriana Saya hanya orang yang menyempatkan diri untuk menulis tentang apa saja ketika saya sempat menulis, untuk diri sendiri maupun informasi untuk orang lain

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